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Hey girl heyyy! Come meet some bomb women just like you who are dedicated to social change and giving back.

Are you a women changemaker, do-gooder,or champion for servitude and community building? This event was tailored for you! Connecting the Cause is hosting it's second annual Mission+Mimosas, an event is designed for you to get together with other mission-driven women to re-energize, recharge, and get focused on your passions and purpose, while making genuine connections with like minded beauties. 

Why Mission+Mimosas

Getting dragged into networking events can be tiring, and demoralizing. This event is anti-networking and all about real relationship building. Welcome to a space where you get to know people for who they are and not the amount of degrees they have, and the 9-5 they show up to.  Mission+Mimosas is uniquely crafted and designed for individuals to occupy a space and show up as a person, instead of as a profession. We create a space of openness, where genuine connections are made, and you feel empowered about how you want to show up for the world. You will meet women from all walks of life, just like you, who have deep convictions about societal issues and who want to work though what it looks like in your individual life. 



Monday Night Brewing Garage



We have created so many socially conscious events throughout 2017. Don't be afraid to reach out and party with us. We would love to bring your next event to life.

Stay tuned for more events throughout 2017 and 2018. Our Instagram highlights our upcoming events so don't forget to follow us @PartyBecause.


Best of the West 

Taste Championships

Party Because partnered with Committed to Communities to host the Best of the West Taste Championships at Monday Night Brewing. With the support of the community, we raised over $9000 for the home ownership education organization.


West Side Ride

Party Because teamed up with Gangstas to Growers earlier this year to create a neighborhood party bus tour that highlights the positive work locals are doing in blighted yet revitalizing neighborhoods by bringing community organizations as the financial beneficiaries and the tour guides for their cause area. The tour ended at Bakari's Pizza Lounge where guests were able to connect and discuss their thoughts.

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Mission + Mimosas

Connecting the Cause had the idea, we put it together. The event involved a gathering of bomb service-centered women. We had mimosas, brunch, great conversation and games. This one was for our women dedicated to giving back, pursuing their passion and empowering other fellow Changemakers.

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EAV Slay Ride

The first ever Party Because Event. We created a pub crawl in the East Atlanta Village. 4 bars allowed us to Party on their grounds and have a good time. Proceeds benefited the East Atlanta Kids Club.

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