Party Because...

We all have a story to share, but do we each get a moment to share it?

Everyday, community organizers work at bettering their neighborhoods sometimes going unnoticed. they are the spirit of their communities; the essential piece of progress. What if they each got a moment to share their stories in front of the right people? What if that moment created a movement, sparked an idea, or provided the funds needed to keep their organizations running?

With the rapid growth of Atlanta, we are creating a vehicle to transform an outsider's view of revitalizing neighborhoods from an insider's perspective.

Party Because ATL delivers the stories of community organizations by crafting social justice events that share their cause and hosting parties to celebrate their work.

We party because their stories matter. 

Are you ready to party with us?


Vision + Mission

Vision : 

To be the vehicle for responsible urban development and change through collaborative community events

Mission : 

Bring the party while supporting a cause


partnership building

We value collaboration through partnership. There are many event planners, tour groups, and organizations doing great work. We want to work together to provide a network of possibilities.

community centered

We seek to represent the communities we serve by curating experiences that bring people together. We choose locally owned venues, restaurants, and organizations to be a part of the experience. 



bringing the party

We love to have fun. We want to create memories. We want to create experiences. At Party Because, we bring the fun to any situation. "Party" is our first name. 


We shape an outsider’s view with an insider’s perspective
— Party Because

Atlanta Based